Greenfield Bridge

Auditions for The Fantastic Adventure: Greenfield Bridge

City of Play.

City of Play will premiere a new

The Fantastic Adventure: Greenfield Bridge

on Saturday October 14, 2017 to celebrate the opening of the Greenfield Bridge.

Part scavenger hunt, part immersive theater, Fantastic Adventures are neighborhood-wide, pervasive games based on traditional mythology and oral histories. Players are invited to explore Schenley Park and Greenfield in small teams, interacting with unforgettable characters in hidden locations. Choose whom to trust, whom to avoid, and how a neighborhood should tell its story.

Fantastic Adventure public information session & workshop:

When: Wednesday, September 13th, 7:00pm-8:30pm

Where: Palisade Playhouse (3929 Coleman St.)

Seeking: Greenfield craftspeople & storytellers interested in playing a role in the facilitation of a large game for the celebration of the opening of the Greenfield Bridge on Saturday, October 14th.


  • No professional theatrical experience is required. Just a willingness to try.
  • All applicants must be age 14 or older
  • When you arrive, be prepared to tell:
    • One 2-5 minute story about your personal history with Greenfield
    • One 2-5 minute story that is imaginary or mythical

Rehearsal Schedule:

  • All participants will be required to attend 2 full company rehearsals prior to the event. The scheduling of these rehearsals will be based on company availability.
  • Independent research and production work will be expected, and individual rehearsals will be scheduled as needed.
  • On October 14th, the full company will be on-duty from 8am-8pm with breaks for food and recreation.

Compensation: $100 stipend, paid on the day of the event.

Questions? Contact City of Play’s Director: Greg Manley – – 510 225 5221

The Fantastic Adventure is being produced through the support of the Greenfield Community Association.

58 Bus Route Change Starts Sept 3!

Beginning Sunday September 3 the 58 Greenfield bus route will change!

In anticipation of the new Greenfield Bridge, the 58 bus route was changed to its original path from Greenfield into Oakland via Schenley Park effective 3 September 2017 … except … Uh oh! The Greenfield Bridge didn’t open September 2 as all of us had hoped many months ago.

So, beginning on Sunday September 3, the 58 bus will follow the detour mapped above until the bridge opens in October.

RIDER ALERT!  Bus stops will change!

The detour is different than the route used for the past two years because it has to be shorter to stay on schedule.

Most of the stops on Beechwood Boulevard, Murray Avenue and Beacon Street will be eliminated.

Check the map above for the revised stops:  blue dots are normal route stops, purple dots are the two in-detour stops.

Click on the detour map above to download a copy for yourself.

Click here for the Port Authority Press Release about this change.  Click here for the 58 bus schedule, effective 3 September 2017, on the Port Authority website.

For Users of True Time & PAT Track, the smartphone apps that show you where the bus is:

The bus will disappear from the True Time map when it is on the detour — dotted purple lines above.  It will reappear between Oakland (CMU) and Schenley Park, and between Ronald St/Alger St and Downtown.  If you are using True Time to catch the bus to Downtown, note when it leaves Oakland.  From where it disappears on Panther Hollow Road, figure about five minutes to Alger Street where it will reappear.  Similarly in the reverse direction. By doing this, you can still predict the arrival times.

The 58 will return to the bridge when it opens.

Routes 52L, 53L and 93 will not change even after the bridge opens.


Bridge News: Parkway Lane Restrictions Thru Sept 5

Greenfield Bridge progress as of 4 August 2017

Greenfield Bridge progress as of 4 August 2017

Greenfield Bridge News:

Overnight Lane Restrictions on Parkway East

10pm to 6am, August 7 through September 5, 2017

As the Greenfield Bridge nears completion, work will focus periodically on areas overhanging I-376 (the Parkway East). This includes painting and the removal of any remnant bracing pieces and equipment.

To ensure motorists’ safety, PennDOT has approved lane restrictions for weeknights from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. starting August 7, through September 5, 2017.  There will be intermittent inbound and outbound single lane closures between Greenfield/Squirrel Hill and Oakland exits on I-376 East depending on weather and contractor schedule.

Motorists using I-376 East should expect delays and drive with caution when overnight lane restrictions are in place.

Additional information on the Greenfield Bridge Project can be found on the project website (

Questions concerning the overnight restrictions should be directed to Aaron Pickering, Project Manager of Michael Baker International, at 412-269-6423, or via e-mail to

The Greenfield Bridge Keeps Its Name


On April 3, 2017 the City’s Naming Commission held a second hearing on the proposal to rename the Greenfield Bridge for the artist John Kane.  About 50 people attended.

Prior to the meeting the Commission received many emails and letters against renaming the bridge including “No” votes from the Greenfield Community Association, the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition and the Squirrel Hill Historical Society.

After hearing testimony on both sides, the Commission voted unanimously against the proposal.

Read more about it here in the Post-Gazette and here at TribLive.


NOTE: The bridge’s real name is the “Beechwood Boulevard Bridge,” nicknamed the Greenfield Bridge.  The “Beechwood Boulevard” name was carved in stone (below) on the original bridge. These stones will be installed on the new bridge before it opens.

Rename The Greenfield Bridge? to the John Kane Bridge?

Late Breaking News:

A group of artists and promoters wants to honor artist John Kane who painted many scenes of Pittsburgh in the early 1900’s and had his work displayed at the 1927 Carnegie International.  To honor him they want to rename the Greenfield Bridge the John Kane Bridge.  Their website “Raising The Kane Bridge” explains why.

The official proposal to rename the Greenfield Bridge will come before Pittsburgh’s Naming Commission this coming Monday April 3 at 2pm in the First Floor Hearing Room at 200 Ross Street, Pittsburgh PA 15219.

Naming proposals are typically voted on immediately, so the name of the Greenfield Bridge could change — or not — this coming Monday.

Do you want the name of the Greenfield Bridge to remain as it is?  (*see note 1 below)

Or would you like to rename it the John Kane Bridge? (*see note 2 below)

Either way, voice your opinion at the Naming Commission meeting this coming Monday or call/email the Commission as shown below.

WHAT:  Naming Commission meeting: Proposal to rename the Greenfield Bridge

WHEN: Monday April 3 at 2pm

WHERE: First Floor Hearing Room, 200 Ross Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

EMAIL/CALL: Send your comments to Lisa Ray, Senior Secretary,   (412) 255-2219


(*1)  The real name is the Beechwood Boulevard Bridge; it’s nicknamed the Greenfield Bridge.  The real name was carved in stone on the original bridge. The stones will be restored to the new bridge before it opens.

(*2) The John Kane Hospitals, Regional Centers and nursing homes were named for Allegheny County Commissioner John J. Kane. He was not the same person as the artist.

Temporary Closure: Pocusset Connection to Schenley Park

Pocusset connection to Schenley Park

Pocusset connection to Schenley Park

The walking and biking connection from Pocusset Street into Schenley Park will be closed temporarily from Monday February 20 to Thursday February 24, 2017 so that the Greenfield Bridge contractor can conduct storm water drainage exploration.

There will be no ability to pass through the site during this time.

Pedestrians should plan on using Hobart Street to transverse the park.


(photo by Pat Hassett)

Greenfield Bridge Parkway Closure Rescheduled for Dec 9

Worker on the Greenfield Bridge, in fog (photo by Pat Hassett)

Worker on the Greenfield Bridge, in fog (photo by Pat Hassett)

17 November 2016:


The City of Pittsburgh has postponed this weekend’s planned closure of the Parkway East due to the inclement weather forecasted for Saturday into Sunday. Rain possibly changing to snow along with strong winds forecasted for the site preclude the high steel work planned for this weekend.

The closure has been rescheduled for the weekend of December 9, beginning at 10:00 p.m., Friday and ending at 6:00 a.m., Monday the 12th. During this closure, Mosites and their team will finish tightening all the connections of the steel, install the deck pans over the highway, and perform miscellaneous activities.

Naming Commission Considers Renaming Our Bridge

The new Greenfield Bridge as of 13 Nov 2016 (photo by Patrick Hassett)

The new Greenfield Bridge as of 13 Nov 2016 (photo by Patrick Hassett)

There’s a proposal to rename our bridge for artist John Kane.  It will be considered today at 2pm at the Naming Commission, 200 Ross Street.

Read more about the proposal here in this morning’s Post Gazette.


The bridge is officially named the Beechwood Boulevard Bridge. It connects Greenfield Road in Schenley Park to Beechwood Boulevard in Greenfield.