Where’s My Bus Going?


The 58 bus crossing the Greenfield Bridge (photo by Pat Hassett)

When the Greenfield Bridge closes for replacement in October 2015, buses that use the bridge must be rerouted.

GCA’s Transportation Committee is in dialogue with the Port Authority about the future bus rerouting.  We are very interested in hearing the concerns and suggestions of Greenfield residents as we further this conversation, especially details that only riders might think of.  We will present these recommendations to the Port Authority.

Please take a moment to review the considerations to date, and let us know your thoughts.  We can be reached at geoff@gcapgh.org, or by attending our next Development meeting, on Monday, May 4, 7pm, on the upper floor of the Greenfield Presbyterian Church.

Here are the recommendations to date.


  1. The Port Authority will interface with the community prior to finalizing any rerouting.
  2. All existing routes utilizing the Greenfield Bridge will be retained during the closure.
  3. All route changes will be integrated as permanent solutions, until the bridge reopens.
  4. The routes will be actively revisited during the first three months, as the post-closure traffic patterns emerge.
  5. Port Authority administration will interface with community riders prior to submitting revised routes to drivers for “picks.”
  6. The bridge closure will impact drivers and pedestrians that currently connect to Oakland.  Designers of the rerouting should consider these potential new riders in their design.
  7. Greenfield businesses will lose some connectivity to clients during the closure.  Rerouting should include routes through the Greenfield Avenue, Beechwood Boulevard and Murray Avenue business districts.
  8. Once the bridge reopens, routing will return to using the bridge as a permanent configuration.


Again, please contact Committee Chair Geoff Campbell at geoff@gcapgh.org with your comments and concerns.


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