Volunteer Opportunities — Gardens

A big thank you to everyone who came out to help us plant at Irvine Street and Ronald Street!  The sites look great!
There are still opportunities to get involved with Greenfield’s public green spaces:
  • Irvine Street Community Workday: On Saturday June 20 we will be having a community work day down at Irvine Street to do some additional weeding and mulching.  We will be starting at 9:00 am and will provide tools and refreshments.  If you are interested in helping, please come by.  Volunteers will get a free T-Shirt!
  • Be a Garden Steward: We are looking for people to act as Garden Stewards for each of our gardens for one month.  Your responsibilities include watering and weeding.  We are still looking for someone to take care of Ronald in September and Irvine in July & September.  Both sites have water and the public spaces committee will provide an orientation to each of the sites.  If you are interested, please email info@gcapgh.org and put “Garden Steward” in the subject line.
  • Water needed for 9 New Trees in The Run:  We need to water and care for the 13 new trees at Saline & Alexis Streets. Our neighbor Mike is graciously caring for 4 of the trees at the memorial. That leaves the 9 trees in Four Mile Run Park(field across from Big Jims) to water. We have gator bags to fill once a week, however we need a local water source/spigot in order  to do so. Please please email info@gcapgh.org and put “Water for Trees” in the subject line.

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