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Improved stormwater management is critical to the well being of The Run.  Not only do we need repairs to existing “gray” infrastructure (sewer pipes) but we need new “green” stormwater management to prevent tens of thousands of gallons of clean water in Schenley Park from entering the sewer system and swamping The Run.

The Greenfield Community Association is passing along this action alert from the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Show your support for the Green First Plan!

The new City-Wide Green First Plan aims to manage stormwater issues in Pittsburgh.

An initiative of the City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA), the Green First Plan outlines innovative, cost-effective, and green infrastructure approaches to manage stormwater. Click here to voice your support for this plan.

Choosing green solutions like rain gardens, meadows, and tree plantings over grey solutions like sewer expansions benefits our parks and neighborhoods. Green infrastructure provides stormwater management as well as aesthetically pleasing community greenspaces and healthy wildlife habitat. A green city draws top talent, spurs economic development, and brings health benefits to all.

Your voice can help determine Pittsburgh’s green future: Submit your comments on the Green First Plan today.


Please pass this message along to others!

Thank you for supporting a plan that will improve Pittsburgh’s parks and communities.

Heather Sage
Director of Community Projects
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

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