Rename The Greenfield Bridge? to the John Kane Bridge?

Late Breaking News:

A group of artists and promoters wants to honor artist John Kane who painted many scenes of Pittsburgh in the early 1900’s and had his work displayed at the 1927 Carnegie International.  To honor him they want to rename the Greenfield Bridge the John Kane Bridge.  Their website “Raising The Kane Bridge” explains why.

The official proposal to rename the Greenfield Bridge will come before Pittsburgh’s Naming Commission this coming Monday April 3 at 2pm in the First Floor Hearing Room at 200 Ross Street, Pittsburgh PA 15219.

Naming proposals are typically voted on immediately, so the name of the Greenfield Bridge could change — or not — this coming Monday.

Do you want the name of the Greenfield Bridge to remain as it is?  (*see note 1 below)

Or would you like to rename it the John Kane Bridge? (*see note 2 below)

Either way, voice your opinion at the Naming Commission meeting this coming Monday or call/email the Commission as shown below.

WHAT:  Naming Commission meeting: Proposal to rename the Greenfield Bridge

WHEN: Monday April 3 at 2pm

WHERE: First Floor Hearing Room, 200 Ross Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

EMAIL/CALL: Send your comments to Lisa Ray, Senior Secretary,   (412) 255-2219


(*1)  The real name is the Beechwood Boulevard Bridge; it’s nicknamed the Greenfield Bridge.  The real name was carved in stone on the original bridge. The stones will be restored to the new bridge before it opens.

(*2) The John Kane Hospitals, Regional Centers and nursing homes were named for Allegheny County Commissioner John J. Kane. He was not the same person as the artist.

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