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The Garbage Olympics Cleans Up

Twenty neighborhoods, including Greenfield, participated in the Garbage Olympics on Saturday the 22nd of September 2018.

The good news is that Greenfield didn’t have much trash.  Volunteers picked up 36 bags of trash and 15 tires but were far overshadowed by Beechview where they picked up 70 bags of trash, 5 TV’s, 1 refrigerator, and 1 bike.

And so it went in many other neighborhoods.  Greenfield didn’t win anything but we can brag that we are pretty clean.

Award-Winning Pump House Mural

  • GCA wins the Clean Water Star 2018

On 21 October 2017, GCA and Pitt Make A Difference volunteers painted a Wayfinding Mural on the Alcosan Pump House at the corner of Greenfield Avenue and Irvine Street.

This spring Alcosan gave the Greenfield Community Association the 2018 Clean Water Star Award for beautifying the site.

Thanks to everyone.  Well deserved!

Nominate Someone Special, Deadline Oct 15

In search of Greenfield residents who go above and beyond to make our community special!

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their accomplishments, commitment, or service within our community?

Don’t keep it a secret!



Nominate a Greenfield resident in one of the following awards categories:

  • Community Service
  • Greenfield Hall of Fame
  • Youth Recognition (High School Junior or Senior)
  • Business
  • Special Recognition
  • Person of the Year


Contact the Greenfield Community Association Awards Committee:

Email: or call Mary Ann Hatala at 412-477-4995

Mail:  Jim Gregg – 829 Kennebec Street – Pittsburgh, PA. 15217


Deadline for Nominations:  Monday, October 15, 2018