New Magee Field Lights

Old and New Lights at Magee Field, 20 Sept 2018 (photo by Pat Hassett)

This September the new ballpark lights were installed at Magee Field.  Both the old and new lights were in place for several days, shown above on Sept 20 by Pat Hassett.

The old lights were a favorite hunting perch of the local red-tailed hawks, shown below on July 15.

Red-tailed hawk perched on the old lights at Magee Field, 15 July 2018 (photo by Kate St. John)

By October 4 the old lights were down and completely cleared from the field.  That afternoon a red-tailed hawk perched on several of the new poles. Apparently he approves of them … and so do we.

Red-tailed hawk on a new Magee Field light pole, 7 Oct 2018

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