About Greenfield

Greenfield Hill from Hoosac Street


Greenfield is a member of Pittsburgh’s 15th Ward as a part of City Council District 5. It includes the micro-neighborhood with an independent identity, Four Mile Run (“The Run”). Nearly 8,000 Pittsburghers call Greenfield home. The neighborhood is adjacent to and shares interests with the neighborhoods of Hazelwood, Squirrel Hill, and South Oakland. Centrally located, it’s serviced by PRT routes 61C, 61D, 58, and 93. The neighborhood includes a major traffic artery along Beechwood Boulevard, connecting I-376 to the Waterfront.

Among locals, Greenfield is known for steep hills and stunning views of downtown. There are 26 distinct flights of city steps to traverse these hills, most of which are open and in a safe condition. To accommodate the terrain, the street grid is irregular and full of single lane 2-way streets that serve local traffic and create a tight-knit community feel.


In 1768, sections of woodland acquired under the Treaty of Fort Stanwix became Greenfield and neighboring Hazelwood. By the late 1800s, many residents of Irish, Polish, Slovak, Italian, Hungarian, and Carpatho-Rusyn descent worked in the nearby steel mills in Hazelwood, Homestead, and Duquesne. Through the changing economy of the mid-20th century, Greenfield remained a populated residential neighborhood.

Greenfield is largely a residential neighborhood.  In 2010, its population was 7,294 with the median age of 35 years.  The neighborhood had 3,805 housing units with 66% owner occupied.  For a complete statistical profile on Greenfield see the 2010 Greenfield Census Statistics

Points of Interest

Greenfield contains two small business districts along Greenfield and Murray Avenues. The neighborhood is immediately south of Schenley Park and includes two park entrances via popular bike/ped paths. Greenfield boasts 3 baseball fields, 4 basketball courts, 2 hockey rinks, 2 soccer fields, a public swimming pool, and the city-managed Magee recreation and community center. The Greenfield Elementary School, built in 1922, is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Notable among those born and raised in Greenfield are two Pittsburgh mayors (Richard Caliguiri and Bob O’Connor), Larry Lucchino (MLB team president of the Boston Red Sox), Mike McCarthy (head coach of the Green Bay Packers), and Frank Gorshin (the Riddler in the popular 1960’s Batman TV series).