Community Survey

The Greenfield Community Association works to improve the community and the lives of all our residents. The purpose of this Community Survey is to help the GCA gather input from the community on a wide range of issues impacting the overall quality of life in Greenfield. All survey information will be kept anonymous and displayed on this visualization confidentially.

Make your voice heard, fill out the survey:

What are Greenfield residents happy with?

With 1 being the least happy and 5 being the most happy

Which businesses would Greenfield like to see more of?

Each color represents an age group, with the tallest category being the most sought-after for business.

What are the biggest concerns in transportation for Greenfield commuters?

The biggest circle represents the biggest concern, each color represents a type of commuter

What are Greenfield residents’ top priorities?

The biggest piece of the pie chart is the top priority

Add to the statistics, fill out the survey here: