About The GCA

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The Greenfield Community Association is a 501c3 formed in the Summer of 2012 as a successor to Greenfield’s two established community organizations –  Greenfield Organization and Connect Greenfield.   Its role is to capture the strengths of both organizations and ensure that the residents of Greenfield continue to have a strong organization working to improve the community.


Fund, support, develop, and enhance community spirit, athletic activities, and philanthropy among the residents of Greenfield in the 15th Ward -Pittsburgh, PA.

The GCA is committed to preserving and improving the physical, social, and economic health of Greenfield by facilitating volunteerism, nurturing community identity and development, and enhancing the quality of life for residents. We engage in community-based problem solving, support neighborhood-oriented services, and foster public/private cooperation.

Board of Directors & Bylaws:

The Greenfield Community Association is governed by a community-elected board of nine volunteer Directors. Elections for three-year, staggered terms take place during GCA’s annual meeting in January. Click here for a list of current board members and officers and here for our bylaws.

What We Do

Most of the GCA’s activities occur through its four active committees, each chaired by community volunteers and charged with overseeing specific aspects of Greenfield’s traditions, quality of life, and growth.  The committees are open to all Greenfielders able to commit to at least one meeting per month and support the activities the committees undertake.  The committees are:

Read more about Committee accomplishments in our Annual Reports.

Want to participate?  Contact us here.