GCA Board of Directors

The Greenfield Community Association is governed by a community elected board of seven to thirteen volunteer Directors.  They are elected annually to three year, staggered terms.  

Gina Godfrey [President]

Gina  has lived in Greenfield for over 20 years, starting shortly after moving to Pittsburgh to attend law school at Pitt.   She fell in love with the city and the real sense of community that Greenfield provides.  She has practiced in both the public and private sector, primarily in immigration but also in litigation.  She serves as the Immigration Legal Fellow at Hello Neighbor.  Gina  has worked at building  community across Pittsburgh in such roles as PTO officer,  judge of elections, and on the hospitality team for the Summit for Racial Justice.  

Christa Jones [Vice President]

Christa is a longtime resident and graduate of Allderdice High School with Greenfield roots going back generations. She is a mom to a third-grader who enjoys time at local parks and taking advantage of programming offered by Citiparks and other organizations. She is currently a Director of Marketing and Events at Carnegie Mellon University. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Media Arts and Technology and a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from Duquesne University. She has participated in numerous Greenfield community cleanups, public space art mural and Greenfield welcome portal initiatives.  Christa joined the GCA in 2020 and has contributed by leading the GCA communications committee which has grown outreach and engagement over the last few years. Christa has volunteered her time and experience in creating the Greenfield Community Association logo and Greenfield Glide logo. She has been recognized multiple times for her leadership and continuous excellence by Carnegie Mellon University, in 2014 was awarded the Greenfield Community Award for Outstanding Achievement in Voluntary Service and in 2022 was awarded the “Get it Done” award.

Ed Goyda [Treasurer]

Ed has been a Greenfield resident for 42 years. Ed has been an active member of the Public Space Committee since its inception, working on the Portal Project, painting project at Irvine Street Pump Station and Hassett Parklet. Ed also volunteers at St. Rosalia Church and Festival. In 2016 he received the “Get It Done” Award for his hard work in all of Greenfield’s Public Spaces.

Andrea Kostra [Communications Director]

Andrea Kostra moved to Greenfield in 2013 and has been in Pittsburgh since attending the University of Pittsburgh where she has Marketing and Communications and Rhetoric degrees.  Additionally, she holds a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, and is currently a Sr Manager, Change Management at Thermo Fisher Scientific.  She spent time on the board prior to 2020 and reinstated the GCA email newsletter and participated in Public Space and other events.  Now, she would like to focus on greenspaces, litter pickups and connecting Greenfield residents.  In her time off she likes to attend sporting events, travel, and enjoy all of the fantastic Pittsburgh restaurants, culture and events that are so close by when living in Greenfield!

Ling Almoubayyed

Ling Almoubayyed has been a resident of Pittsburgh since 2012. Prior to settling in Pittsburgh, she lived in both Las Vegas and Miami. However, out of all the cities she’s lived in, she finds Pittsburgh to be her favorite. In 2017, Ling and her furry friends – a cat and dog – moved to Greenfield. Ling found the charms of this neighborhood irresistible, including its safe and welcoming environment, open space amenities, and verdant hillsides. It was these qualities that led her to buy her first house in Greenfield. Ling has many happy memories of her time here so far, such as meeting her friendly neighbors, making new friends at the bus stop, and encountering a cute German Shepherd named Ozzy who eagerly greets passersby from his yard. 

Ling enjoys exploring the neighborhood and admiring the various architectural styles of the houses, passing out candies to trick-or-treaters from her front yard on Halloween, and gardening in her backyard. Now that she’s married, both Ling and her husband are proud to call Greenfield their home and be part of this beautiful community. Ling holds a Master’s degree in urban design from Carnegie Mellon University and works full-time as an architecture and urban designer in downtown Pittsburgh. 

Mike Holohan

Mike and his wife Marianne bought their home in Four Mile Run in 2011. He loves the proximity to Schenley Park, the bike trail, the excellent public school, the walkability, and the neighbors who show up to support each other. His decision to run for board member is inspired in part by The Run residents who organized to protect his neighborhood by resisting the Mon-Oakland Connector project. 

Mike moved to the city from the South Hills in 1999 to study Writing and Film Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and received his Master of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. As a Presbyterian pastor he founded The Commonwealth of Oakland, a progressive Christian faith community that brings together students, residents, and neighbors experiencing homelessness. He is a chaplain at Pitt and Carnegie Mellon University, where he serves as chairperson of the interfaith Council of Religious Advisors. In the summer of 2020, he co-founded the Antiracist Interfaith Leaders collaborative which continues to organize local faith leaders. In the neighborhood, he has served for two years on the planning team for Greenfield Pride and gave the invocation at the swearing-in for Councilwoman Barb Warwick. 

As a board member, he will be proud to represent The Run and advocate for neglected infrastructure improvements like traffic safety and stormwater management.

Knowing what a strong network of friends and loved-ones he has – he has amazing support and an absolute tireless advocate in his sister. Sending lots of healing vibes his way.

Scott McMurtry

Scott and his fiancee, Kendall, bought their first home in Greenfield last year and immediately fell in love with the neighborhood. Shortly after moving in, Scott volunteered to coach the Greenfield Baseball Association’s Colt League team, and has received a warm welcome from everyone he’s met in the community. Scott has a passion for civic engagement and currently serves as the Chief of Staff to nearby District 8 City Councilperson Erika Strassburger. Prior to his present role, Scott worked in professional politics for two years, aiding campaigns on the federal, state, and local levels. He grew up in the South Hills and has lived in or around the city of Pittsburgh for most of his life, with the exceptions of college at Penn State University and law school at William & Mary. Scott and Kendall are getting married in February 2024 in her hometown of San Antonio (don’t worry, they’re here to stay–Kendall much prefers Pittsburgh rain and snow to unforgiving Texas heat!)

Kristopher Olson

Kristopher is a Greenfield resident and an active volunteer with many local organizations. His most recent volunteerism includes a role as a math tutor with the Latino Community Center, a 2022 Winter Snow Angel, and a free tax preparer for Just Harvest. He has been a member of his union’s Professional Standards committee since 2017. In his time off, he enjoys hiking with his two dogs, biking, and, playing pickup soccer games. Greenfield, with its proximity to large greenspaces like Schenley, attracted him to the area early on. The neighborhood feel is what made him and his partner, Brooke, decide to buy their first home on McCaslin Street, after renting on Beechwood Boulevard. He is most interested in working with the business committee to attract new businesses to Greenfield’s commercial districts.

Luke Sciulli

Luke Sciulli is a Pittsburgh area native and returned to the area after working and studying in Tennessee. He has a strong connection to Greenfield, representing the fourth generation of his family to live in the neighborhood. Luke is eager to honor Greenfield’s traditions and rich history while helping to facilitate new neighborhood growth on the Business Committee. He believes Greenfield is a “hidden gem” of Pittsburgh, with its location and community pride making the community a strong asset to Pittsburgh. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Tennessee in non-profit administration and a Bachelor’s in Spanish. Luke currently works with the Department of Public Safety & Emergency Management at the University of Pittsburgh. Luke enjoys yoga, gardening, and traveling in his spare time.

Isaac Smith

Isaac Smith, a 32 year old Greenfield Community member moved to Greenfield with this partner and two cats in 2019. Isaac is a Pittsburgh native, growing up north of the city but spending the last 10 years living and working in the city. Isaac can say with confidence that Greenfield has been his favorite place to live with its lively neighbors, beautiful views, and great sense of community. When Isaac is not walking his two cats around the block or tending to his garden, you will see him and his partner running around the neighborhood training for the Pittsburgh Marathon. Got to love those Greenfield Hills! I want to join the GCA to help build a better Greenfield for everyone that calls this lovely neighborhood home. I’m currently an active member of of the Greenfield Development Committee with and interest in supporting our local businesses and advocating for better services such as transportation and greenspace.

Ashley Turner

I’m Ashley Turner, a single mother of two children. In addition to enjoying my mommy duties, I’m also a certified nurses assistant currently attending CCAC. My kids adore outdoor activities like nature walks and exploring new things. I’ve been a Pittsburgh resident my whole life.

Tom Wolper

Tom grew up in Greenfield, moved away, and then moved back. He was part of the early discussions about GCA leadership and stepped up to be a founding co-chair of the Development and Transportation Committee. He stepped down last year to encourage younger leaders to step forward. In 2015 he was recognized by the Greenfield community with a Get It Done award for community service.