Thanks to Make-A-Difference, Volunteers!

Painting the railings at Magee Park, 19 Oct 2019

Make A Difference Day on 19 October 2019 was a big success in Greenfield.

Volunteers from the Girl Scouts, University of Pittsburgh, and local residents turned out to spruce up Magee Park, the Ronald Street Garden and Hassett Parklet.

Girl Scouts put up doggy bag stations, 19 Oct 2019
Thank you, Girl Scouts!
Volunteers weed the Ronald Street Garden, 19 Oct 2019
Sprucing up the Hassett Parklet near the Greenfield Bridge, 19 Oct 2019
Thank you, volunteers at Ronald Street, 19 Oct 2019
Cool t-shirts!
Thanks to Pitt Make A Difference Day volunteers!

Thank you, one and all!

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