Crane And Steel This Week

Greenfield Bridge pillars (photo by Pat Hassett)
Greenfield Bridge pillars (photo by Pat Hassett)


This week the crane and steel will arrive on site.

On Monday October 10, the steel erection crane is scheduled to be delivered to the work site and placed on a mat of wood planks constructed on the Greenfield side of the bridge, off the Parkway.  This crane will be used to hoist the steel arches, spandrels, and decking into place later this fall.

Thursday October 13 the steel will begin arriving from High Steel out of eastern Pennsylvania to be stored on site off the Parkway. The arches will arrive in three pieces to be assembled on site.

In November, the Parkway East will be shut down on two weekends for the erection of the steel members.  Detours and road closures will be put in place similar to those instituted last year for the implosion and cleanup.  The scheduled closures are:

  • Weekend of November 4th (Friday 10:00 pm to 6 am Monday)
  • Weekend of November 18th (Friday, 12:00 midnight to 6 am Monday).


(photo by Pat Hassett)

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