The Greenfield Community Association (GCA) is calling for candidates for the Board of Directors.

GCA serves the Greenfield neighborhood by maintaining our public spaces, representing the community in development and transportation issues, organizing the Greenfield Glide, Holiday Parade, and Community Awards, as well as advocating on behalf of the neighborhood in general.

Board membership is a three year term, open to both residents and business and property owners of Greenfield.

General Board member roles are as follows:

  • Term: Three Years
  • General: Attend all monthly board meetings
  • Grapevine: Write and contribute articles as needed
  • Fundraise: Carry out fundraising strategy. (Historically, this has been very minor.)
  • Events: Work on at least one of the major GCA events: Glide, Awards Dinner, and Parade and participate in the neighborhood clean-ups, plantings and National Night Out event.
  • GCA Annual Meeting: Attend annual fall meeting.
  • Neighborhood Awards Dinner: Attend annual awards dinner and promote tickets sales through personal networks.

Interested candidates should send a short biography to the address below by JANUARY 13.

Candidate biographies will be published online at starting Jan. 15th.

Elections will be held at the GCA’s Annual Meeting January 29, 3pm, at Magee Senior Center

Send candidate biographies here:
PO Box #55067
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
phone: 412-339-0422

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