Stop the Spread Of COVID-19: Flatten The Curve

21 March 2020:

How bad will the coronavirus outbreak get? That’s what we all want to know and the answer is in one of these curves.

— from YouTube video: What This Chart Actually Means

Doctors, public health officials, and governments know that if we freeze in place and stop getting near each other — before we know anyone who’s sick — more of us will survive COVID-19.

This 8-minute science video shows why closures and quarantines save lives.

The Allegheny County Health Department explains our local situation on their Information For Residents COVID-19:

Based on information from other countries, about 20% of those who are infected [with COVID-19] will need to be hospitalized. Of those hospitalized, about one quarter will need intensive care and breathing support. When we apply these numbers to the 3 million people who live in southwest Pennsylvania region, we estimate that tens of thousands will need intensive care and breathing support to survive and recover. Our world-class hospitals can only handle a very small portion of this number at any one time.  This is a very grave situation. 

— Allegheny County, PA Health Department, COVID-19 Information For Residents

Keep yourself, your loved ones and your community safe. Follow the CDC instructions, stay six feet away from everyone … and wash your hands for 20 seconds! Here’s how:

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