Greenfield’s Holiday Parade celebrates 30 years of fireworks, floats, and festivities

By Rachel Wilkinson

Pittsburgh City Paper covers the 30th Anniversary of the Greenfield Holiday Parade.

The Greenfield Holiday Parade has two constants: fireworks and Santa Claus.

Last year’s parade culminated with Santa — hanging off the back of what appeared to be a repurposed ambulance celebrating Pittsburgh as five-time Stanley Cup winners — encountering a “Thriller”-era Michael Jackson wearing a sequined jacket. As Jackson moonwalked past a chiropractor’s office in the middle of Greenfield Avenue, Santa gave him a tah-dah flourish. It was a good rejoinder to a 10-foot-tall masked creature in flowing robes and a Statue of Liberty-style crown (actually a giant puppet by artist Cheryl Capezzuti) who’d just glided by handing out candy to onlookers. READ MORE

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