Greenfield House Fire Support and Medical Services

Hi, my name is Isaac and I’m fundraising for my next door neighbors Dee, Roxane, and John. Very sadly, today there was a terrible house fire that destroyed the home and all of our neighrbors’ belongings.

While much of the house was destroyed, fire fighters were able to pull Dee’s cat (Hobo) out of the fire with seconds to spare. However the cat was in very poor condition. We rushed Hobo to our neighborhood vet but the cat required more intensive medical treatment at the emergency vet in Monroeville.

To help cover the deposit at AVETS we just paid ($3500), the rest of Hobo’s care (estimated $4,000-$6,000 total for overnight 24/7 care at AVETS), as well as support any basic needs that Dee, Roxane, and John might need in the short term, we are raising funds. Please consider donating to help support the cost of saving Hobo’s life! Anything leftover will go directly to the basic needs for the family.

Thank you, everyone really appreciates it!

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